Wednesday, January 29


Hue is the number one make-up item that I cannot live with out.  Seriously.  I probably go through one a month.  I buy in bulk so that I have one that lives in my make-up bag, one that lives in my handbag and another that sits on my dressing table.  Crazy I know, but if you have a warm skin colour, this will be your go to shade for natural look (that's more than a balm).

Sunny Seoul

As bright as the name suggests, Sunny Seoul is a coral pink lipy which looks gorgeous with clashing colours for a bright summer look.  It looks great with lemon, green or pink outfits, or even all three colours together! I usually go with neutral eye make up with this colour, such as Kid by MAC, as it is such vibrant shade.

This is a pretty punky shade I wear when I feel that my outfit needs a bit of a trend spruce, I put this on my lips and I instantly feel like my outfit has more edge.  This is more of a fashion lipstick, but is also great for paler skin tones - I usually wear it during the winter when my tan is fading.COME ON OVER

Dark Side

Everyone needs a goth shade in their make-up bag and this deep blood red shade is just delicious.  It looks great with a matt, warm coloured foundation, thick-kick-wet eyeliner and then the high impact lip makes for a great vamp-glamour look.

P.S did you know, if you return any five empty MAC containers you get a new lipstick for free!