Thursday, February 20


Having recently been to the cities newly opened hot spot The Story and enjoyed the unique concept, we decided to dine their to see if the food and drink selection was as cool as their vibe!  You hear a lot about this venue being a vibrant night spot, the DJ line up, unpretentious and cool atmosphere, post brunch drinks - but rarely about the food so I was a little dubious as to what to expect.  We was not disappointed (whoo).

For starts, I had seared scollops on a bed of roasted baby new potatoes marinated in garlic and fried rosemary.  It was well nice!  Ordering scollops is always a 50:50 risk as to whether they are going to be cooked properly or not, a few seconds undercooked and the centers are slimy, a few seconds over cooked and the texture is rubbery; fortunately these were cooked to perfection and nice and crispy, served on these cute little skewers for easy eating.

We sat outside as the panoramic views of Dubai's shoreline are really great, we are spoilt living here as there are a lot of venues with amazing views in Dubai, but The Story offers a little more tranquility as a pose to sky scrapers and neon lighting.

For the main course, I opted for the Octopus which was served on blended sweet potatoe (please see scrummy images below) the portion size was great and the accompanying side was a quinoa salad, so nice and healthy too which is always a big plus for me.

As the sun set and it began to get a little windy, we resumed inside for a night cap and desert.  I went for the the chocolate slice with pistachio ice-cream which was light enough not to feel guilty, but rich enough to satisfy a sweet craving.  My fellow diners had the apple crumble which also comes highly recommended.

Despite the whispers on the street, this venue is still relatively quiet which is surprising as it is such a lovely concept.  In terms of dining, it is definitely on the casual side - we had a lovely meal and would definitely go back with friends for a spot of lunch or for some chilled sundowners.