Friday, March 14


Lights, camera, (breathe inpump up your hairvaseline on your teethsmile) and action!  Here are some pictures from behind the scenes when I was presenting the trends for a fashion tutorial for New Look.

Outfit selection is fun but takes time as you have to wear product from the brand that sits together in the same trend without compromising your personal style so this can take hours.  My outfit selection then gets approved from the Visual Conceptualiser, who will feedback on what needs altering or adding to complete the look.  For this tutorial I decided to go with New Look's pepper mint super-skinny jeans, which I already have a pair of and love (see previous OOTD post).  I paired them with a chiffon sleeveless shirt, speckled pink stitch knitwear and pink and silver accessories.  To finish off I wore blush pink, suede heels to complete my pastel look.


My make up artist is the lovely Katie Cousins, we always get Katie in to do our hair and make-up for shoots and events as we think she is the best in the business (go team Katie!) The glamourfying process takes about an hour and ten minutes, 45minutes blow dry and back comb, then 25minutes in make-up, with touch-ups in between filming.  The products Katie uses on my face are Sephora eyeshadows, Maybelline eye liner and then MAC foundation, concealer and lips.  I've added a little home made video below so you can see how Katie applies  the product, along with her tips and tricks.


I wanted a toned down version of the 60s cat eye so this video shows how Katie applies and blends the eyeshadow using a Sephora palette.


This fashion tutorial was all about the key trends in footwear, the popular shapes, materials and styles to keep your kicks on trend for Spring Summer.  I love New Look shoes anyway and they have some really fabulous pieces coming in for the season ahead.  Lots of pastel, sorbet colours, suede materials and wedges, beautiful!  I thought that the set was really cool too,  I was day dreaming about having an open planned wardrobe just like this, so that you could see all of your shoes and handbags together and categories them by colours or occasion, that would be great! (Wake up Natalie)


And thats my behind the scenes post on my day job, look forward to sharing the video with you as soon as soon as it is released.  Have a nice day x