Thursday, March 6


Lipsy launch their Spring Summer 2014 collection as well as their exclusive Kardashian Kollection for Lipsy range at the beautiful, newly discovered venue Nawwara at the luxury hotel JW Marriot Marquis.

For the launch I was dressed in Lipsy, a piece called the Waxed Lace Pencil Dress from the Flower Press collection that retails at 399Dhs.  I had the choice of two dresses which I loved but my Instagram friends said this navy one looked best so I took their advise and wore this one.  Flower Press is a very romantic trend, the story is very feminine and uses cuts and fabrics which accentuate your curves like peplum and bodycon.  The main design feature was the 'scallop' shape which was incorporated into the lace cut outs (you may see this detail in the dress I am modeling) layered over material.  The dress was incredibly comfortable to wear and did a good job controlling my curves instead accentuating them too much.


Lipsy's new season collection was really strong, sometimes I think that the brand reputation proceeds itself (short, party, woo woo girls) and I was delighted to see their was a wide range of product showcased to suit different styles and body shapes (see pretty pics below).

Lipsy V.I.P Collection

Lipsy V.I,P Collection

The press day also saw the unveiling of the Kardashian Kollection for Lipsy, an exclusive collaboration between the famous trio and the brand offering Kardashian fans a chance to shop the trends that the sisters have designed themselves.  Lipsy exhibited three product lines influenced by Kourtney, Kim and Khloe.  My favourite collection was Kim's collection, she has made a massive movement in her wardrobe choices since meeting Kanye West, and all for the best in my opinion.  Her palette choice was nude, beige and blush pink colours (my favourite tones) and her cuts are very conservative whilst still using fabrics that focus on her best assets.  One of my favourite pieces from the collection was a beige, PU pencil skirt, something we see Kim in all of the time, so I will definitely be getting that when it hits stores in Dubai.

The Kardashian Kollection for Lipsy

Patisserie Trend

Flower Press Collection


Nawwara was an absolutely stunning venue and I definitely want to venture back there to eat.  It is tranquil with an Arabic vibe and when you go there you will want to redecorate your home to echo the peaceful ambiance the furnishing creates.  It's beautiful.  It is split into a restaurant, bar, dance floor and decking area, with candle lit lanterns in the corridors and draped curtains leading the way to each section.  They have recently launched a ladies night called Catwalk Wednesdays  where they have developed a bespoke cocktail menu and canapese, complimentary of course for the girls who like a mid-week tipple.

Sarah Morgan (Lipsy Area Manager) and Jacob Garcia, Business Head at LMI

Standing with Hannah Davies and Paul Ramos from The Style Choreo

Sophie from Sophies Silhouette