Sunday, April 6


on set enjoying the view in a fake garden

I had to put this picture up as my teaser snap for this post as it makes me laugh every time - I look like a china doll with a huge attitude problem and Dee looks bored out of his mind probably day dreaming about what he is going to have for lunch.  Anyway, here I am back with my side kick Dee filming a style Q&A where New Look twitter fans got their style dilemmas answered by our stylist.

How cute is this little fake garden for our set? And what was great is that we got to take these beautiful flowers home with us!  The only minor difficulty in shooting this week was the park bench provided was extremely didy, so for myself and my co-host to look a comfortable distance apart, our butts were clinging on to the ends of the seat for dear life.  Well at least I didn't have to worry about doing my squats that evening.

It has to be said, although I did style this outfit this is not a Natalie Sabel look.  I loved all the pieces but I'm more of a glamour girl at heart, I am from Essex after all.  Anyway I thought I would try something new, plus I needed to wear something a little more casual for this shoot as it had to have a laid back and effortless tone which is the epitome of boho, so thats what look I went for.



When doing fashion/pre-recorded presenting work it is really important to be smiling during the dialog all of the time as it looks better on camera.  When you are talking and smiling at the same time, take after take, your mouth gets really dry so I always carry plenty of water and importantly a straw so I don't remove my lip stick.  I also put vaseline on my top teeth, which may sound discussing but what it does is lubricate your gums so your lips does not stick to them.  Top tip, trust.