Sunday, April 20


My Dubai World Cup post, a little late but that's fashionable right?  What I wore, where I went and my behind the scenes snap.  The Dubai World Cup sees the finale of Dubai's horse racing season and it is one date on the Dubai calendar not to be missed.  Aside from a wedding, we don't really get much of an opportunity to wear a hat so any chance I get to rock some cool head gear I'm definitely there.

The DWC is held every March at the Meydan Race course, about ten minutes out from the city.  We were fortunate enough to receive VIP tickets so we were really spoilt for the day.  Our morning started with champagne and banana bread at my friends house (you can tell my friend is an Oz chick yeh?) whilst we waited for our limo to collect us.  With the majority of expats going to the DWT arranging a limo or a driver is essential otherwise you will be queuing hours for public transport which will really spoil the day.  When we arrived we were greeted by the hotel staff and did the typical red carpet walk into the venue, filled with the most gorgeous summer dresses with matching hats. Our afternoon started with tea, scones and VC (the perfect combo) before the races started, and we had an amazing view over the track which was just in front of the finish line. 

I decided to wear my navy and cream Lipsy dress that I wore for the press day a few weeks back - see blog post link! - I debated whether it was shameful to wear a dress twice in the same month but I decided if Kate Middleton can do it, so can I! Whatever, it is totally cringe, I know, but the truth is I had to find the right hat first and then work backwards to find a dress to match the head piece.  There are not many milliners in Dubai and I actually found my hat in Marks and Spencers (yep I was very surprised too).  I was in Dubai Mall and I ran into get some Spanx (cough) I mean some very sexy lingerie, and this hat caught my eye.  I'm not much of a hat connoisseur but I knew I wanted a large disk that covered one eye as I think it is a really chic look.  At 170Dhs it was a bargain, and although I did make a small attempt to find a new dress that was navy and cream, at the back of my mind I already knew I would wear this Lipsy dress, as it matched perfectly - plus I only had the dress on for 2hours at my last event so I didn't feel as though it had received a fair amount of air time.