Monday, April 28


What I wore today.  Off for some delightful sundowners at 101 The Palm and since I was going to be surrounded by scenic views of the shoreline, I decided to go nautical with a navy blue stripe midi dress.

101 at The One and Only Hotel is a beautiful bar for sundowners on a Friday afternoon as the views of the shoreline and palm fonds are just stunning.  We all know the challenges of sitting outside in this weather, so I wanted to wear something cool and I personally find sleeveless midis' the best way to keep comfortable in the heat as they don't show sweat marks and keep you cool.  I paired my look with my new scarf that I am just obsessing over at the moments.  Love the pretty colours and find it goes with everything as you will soon see as you scroll further down the page.  Please note this scarf was only worn for picture purposes as it was way too hot to keep on whilst the sun was still shining.

Dress: New Look
Scarf: Hermes
Shoes: Nine West
Sunglasses: Prada


Same day, same accessories, just straightened hair and a quick dress swap as I headed down to Souq Al  Baha to get some tea.  I did shower in between the outfit changes too (just an FYI you did not need to know but thought I'd say in case you were wondering).  I actually chucked on this dress as it's my go-to summer dress when I have nothing to wear.  This dress is from Reiss (surprise, surprise) and I love the vibrant colour, cut and style.  I'm not sure if you will be able to get it now as it is from last season so you may be fortunate enough to pick it up in one of their sales.  I chucked on my Manolo's to smarten myself up since I was going for dinner with Mum, and although the scarf was a lazy after thought  - I actually really like the brightness of this look, nice for the summer days ahead.

Dress: Reiss 
Scarf: Hermes

Toodles xx