Friday, May 30

Tom Ford Spanish Pink Lipstick


So I had to nip to Saudi Arabia this week for a short business trip and although this may not be the most glamorous of destinations, one thing that I love about traveling is an airport beauty haul.  This trip I was actually very good and only walked away with one lipstick, this Tom Ford classic Spanish Pink.  I could have bought some of Tom's (yes, we're on first name basis) summer special shades but I was pulled away in a hurry and had to make a quick impulse purchase.

The verdict:  I love my blush pink and nude lipsticks and that is pretty much all I ever wear.  After all the pink and nude tones I have tried, Spanish Pink has got to be my hero shade of the month.  Sometimes I find it hard to buy the right colour pink, you want a pink shade that is not too pink, but if its too natural looking you feel like it is not enhancing your lips enough.  Spanish Pink is the perfect balance between a natural finish and a pretty pout, and has a warm tone which is moisturizing and gives your lips more depth.  As always with Tom's lipsticks, they're really thick so I have to make sure I use vaseline to smooth out my lips before I apply it, otherwise it can make your lips look cracked.  I bought this from the Tom Ford beauty stand at Terminal 1 in Dubai International Airport and cost AED180.

I have heard that TF lipsticks cost 12p to make (gulp) but to be honest, knowing the incredible margin he is making from me doesn't stop me from shopping his products; this lipstick is going on and staying on all night and for me, that is worth the expense.  Plus technically you do not have to reapply so often and therefore lasts a lot longer than a MAC lipstick, so you don't have to buy them as often (I can justify any expenditure if you give me time).

I already have Tom's Blush Nude which I do love, but I am finding that with a tan its a little bit too pale for me at the moment and bordering a Jerseylicious look, which is never good.  I have a picture of it below so you can see the difference in the shades, they are very similar but Spanish Pink has a warmer tone.