Sunday, June 22


O.P.I Step It Up

I don’t know about you, but for me it has now become impossible to walk into a Sephora store with out wandering over to the O.P.I nail polish counter and trying out a new shade – enevitably adding a new one to the collection.  There are so many shades that I absolutely love but these are the three that seem to be on repeat purchase for me.  Please let me introduce you to: Step It Up, Samoan Sand and Mod About You.

Yes I know what you’re thinking, these are all very neutral shades, I do try my best to dabble with a bit of colour but it seems even my nail polish collection has fallen victim to my ‘vanilla’ taste.  This first shade is a trusted favourite of mine ‘Step It Up’ and is the colour I like to have on during the week when I am in the office.  It’s smart, sophisticated, will go with all of my outfits and I love the natural (that’s so un-natural) look. 

My next favourite is the ever so romantic, bubble gum pink ‘Mod About You’ which is a really striking pastel that looks particular good on your toes.  This shade always gets a lot of attention so I always have to make sure that my home-done manicure is at its best as this shade is an attention grabber.  It looks really nice when wearing clothes from a similar colour palette, mint greens and blue hues, for a really feminine look.

O.P.I Mod About You

Last but not least, is ‘Samoan Sand’ because every girl needs a basic nude in their collection – particularly me since all of my clothes are nude!  I do like to mix this one up with a glittery nail in either gold or silver, I think it looks trendy and chic.  My manicure is always short and square, no rounded corners but blunt edges.

O.P.I Samoan Sand

So these are the three O.P.I shades that I always buy, please introduce me to your favorites too so I can try them out!  Have a lovely day x