Monday, June 23


Amazing new Eats discovery for all of you foodies, which I have to give credit to my friend Adam for who was actually the one who stumbled upon this amazing boutique café, The Hamptons.  Located on Jumeirah Beach Road next to Bosporus restaurant, The Hamptons is a small café split over three levels serving healthy (ish) gourmet farm food inspired by the lifestyle and heritage of NY city living.

The first thing that got me excited was that the menu was on an ipad – I don’t like it when restaurants do this in an attempt to be integrated into the digital world and then the functionality is absolutely horrendous, but this menu app was fab and easy to navigate.  The menu is limited, which is great, a handful of specialties that the chiefs have well and truly mastered.  A few ingredients, simple pairings but amazing flavours. 

Both my friend and I opted for the bruschetta style sandwiches, mine was the Burrata and you can choose to have this served with a side salad (mixed leaves) or truffle oil fried wedges.  The food was delicious and I would definitely recommend this dish to any pesto lovers out there.  After lunch we finished off with a coffee which was served on its own little tray, accompanied with a macaroon and a glass of water – it’s all about the detail.

The decor was country chic, very rustic with an 'organic' feel.  It actually reminded me of home, there is something very cosey and unpretentious about this little venue which I loved.  The ambience is great, the staff are all very friendly and attentive too.  I checked out their Instagram page to take a look at other diners photos (as that always intrigues me) and I noticed that HH Sheikh Mo has even visited this quaint little hot spot! 

The Hamptons Café, Jumeirah Beach Road 04 331 5118