Friday, June 6


Not quite the same as working from home but as close as you can get, The Make Business Hub is a haven for the working folk to escape the office and get down to some creativity accompanied with gourmet food.

Make is a concept cafe in JBR which serves what I like to call wholesome, healthy, farm food, such as egg breakfasts, hot soups and stews.  You can go there simple to eat, but the u.s.p of this quirky little venue is that it is a working environment, where Dubai residents gather to work, study or simple hang out with friends.

I know what you are thinking: JBR equals traffic and no parking. However, parking is not a problem as Make have complimentary spaces reserved under the building so you don't have to battle for a space or pay to park along The Walk.  Traffic is always going to be a problem, it's JBR! So you just have to factor in the time and it doesn't cause too much of a problem.  But the great thing about the location is that Make is adjacent to a children's nursery (so convenient if you have bubbies) and for the single woman such as myself - Vogue hair salon is on the same floor so you can nip in for a quick blow dry before you head home.


Make have all different food+wifi packages available and we opted for the AED179 package which included:
  • 4x hot beverages (or you can trade two of them in for a fresh fruit smoothie
  • Breakfast - I had the eggs benedict but swapped the beef-bacon in for smoked salmon
  • Lunch - I went for the chicken and quinoa salad (pic below)
  • Desert - I had the sticky toffee pudding.
  • 1x large bottle of water
  • Internet access all day

I loved the breakfast.  Could have done with a touch more white-wine-vinigar in the hollandaise sauce, but over all the food was lovely.  I had copious amounts of mint tea, well, mint water but same same, and the tea pot comes with a little base with a candle inside to keep it warm.

For lunch I had the chicken salad as I'm keen to stay healthy at the moment and I literally got a whole chicken breast served up.  It was a little too much to eat but none the less tasty and refreshing.  I didn't really want to have desert but I was kind of forced to since it was part of the package - you are allowed to swap your desert for a smoothie instead, but I didn't want to mess the staff around and decided it was more convenient for everyone if I just ate the stick toffee pudding.