Wednesday, August 20


I was invited to join Urban Bistro for their Friday Brunch after posting an appetizing picture on Instagram about their breakfast – I love their healthy, super-food menu so I was excited to return after my Friday morning yoga session for lunch with my friends.  And here’s the debrief…

The Urban Bistro is located in the CNN building in Media City.  If you are a media or advertising pro, I’m sure you’ll already be familiar with this little gem.  But for fashion folk like myself, this was a great new discovery.

For the UBB (aka Urban Bistro Brunch) you have the choice to order from the menu or tuck into their self-service buffet.  My pal and I opted for the brunch, after 90minutes of Bikram Yoga we were ready to indulge!

I went for salad and a trio of meats.  Teriyaki chicken, slow roasted lamb and beef goulash.  The lamb was so succulent it fell of the bone and they had plenty of rosemary gravy to drown it in.   I’m a huge make-your-own-salad fan, tailor made to tickle your taste buds, so I piled my plate with bucket loads of sundried vegetables, nuts and fresh currents.

After all that protein and very few carbs it was time to even out our nutrition intake for the day and therefore it was medically essential to try their carrot cake.  And cheesecake.  The cheesecake was an absolute winner, crunchy base, thick consistency of the filling with a smooth and refreshing after taste.  The carrot cake however, was definitely a slow runner up and that was completely down to the icing tasting like marzipan, as a pose to a fresh cream butter you’d typically expect.

If you are an avid Dubai cafĂ© breakfast hopper – I would definitely add this to your list of different places to try.  It is a great space to escape to and catch up with friends or get some work done; the staff are cheeky and add a great vibe to the atmosphere.

P.S What ever you do, don't do what we did and assume it is free parking!  Mid-food we received a lovely SMS from DTA informing us we had parking tickets (damn it!) well that was a lesson learnt!