Sunday, September 21


Absolutely heart this dress that was an adhoc buy from Miss Selfridge in the week.  I was dashing round The Dubai Mall picking up some stuff for work when I past the store and this dress caught my eye – it was love at first sight.  I think all women have soft spot for Boho style; there is something organic and romantic about the effortless look.  As you can see from my previous post, I had a weekend away and I thought this would be the perfect ‘holiday look’ that is both dressy and casual.  I like that combo muchly.

The dress has a cream slip with an embodied net that goes over the top.  It is really comfy to wear, especially in the heat, and although it is quite casual attire – it really is a stand out piece because of its unusual layering.  Underwear was a slight issue, with the fabric being so see-through you kind of her to go as minimal as you possibly can!  I went for beige lace basics as I thought that to be the least obvious with minimal pinching.  To accessorize, I went for an amber/orange clutch from Bottega Veneta which is a beautiful piece but admitted entirely impractical.  It only gets a rare showcase when the contents consists of: a debit card, lipstick, that's about it.  Maybe a post note with key telephone numbers on at a push.


That evening I trotted off to dinner at Basilico to have one of the best meals I have had of my life.  Big statement I know.  For start I went for burrata cheese (love), which came to the table with a bel jar covering it filled with smoke adding the most intense flavours – delicious.  Then for mains, which I already feel incredibly guilty about, I had venison with foie gras pâté (awful I know).  I have to say, it was amazing.  The restaurant was very quite though so did lack atmosphere, which I didn’t really understand as the service and setting was lovely and although it was a la carte dining, the prices were really reasonable.  Our bill came to under AED600 inclusive of a bottle of white.