Monday, October 13


Taking coordination to the extreme our nails can now match the bottom of our shoe soles with the launch of Louboutin's array of nail polishes.  The nail polishes come in the most beautiful edgy packaging, a ruby red gem bottle with a 6inch spike lid resembling the heel of your stiletto, designed to be displayed as an ornament on your dressing table and not hidden away in your make up box.

I purchased this in the Level Shoe District and is available in all UAE Louboutin stores retailing at AED240.  Red is the only colour available in the UAE at the moment, but this was definitely going to be my colour of choice - because if you're going to have red nails, you might as well make them Louboutin red!

I was informed by the sales assistant that you only need to apply one coat of the polish, which I did, but then I needed to add another coat as the consistency was very thick and I found it very difficult to maneuver the blob of liquid around the nail bed without it drying and creating that layered effect. So now I had two layers of very thick polish on my nails, which meant it only lasted one day before it began to chip.  I think it would be better applied at the salon but you would definitely need a glossy top coat to give it that decadent effect as it doesn't dry particularly shiny.  One thing that I do commend is that it is an absolute colour match to the louboutin shoe sole (so will definitely come in handy if I need to fill in any chips!)