Thursday, October 23


I had a bit of a make up replen at the weekend, some new introductions and some old faithfuls so a face of the day post felt necessary.  I had a long day ahead, a full day at work (as a pose to what I do not know) followed by an after work event - an Alexander Wang collection launch which I'll post about later! - so I needed product that would last 14hours with minimal touch ups.  Please let me introduce you to the finalists that made the cut, quite heavy products but I went for softer tones so I hopefully didn't look too caked.

Starting from left to right here are the product details;
  1. MAC Eye Shadow 'Charcoal' I bought this shade to colour in my brows but it also looks great on the the eyes too.  It's just a great colour brown really, and that's as simple as it gets.  I applied this under the bottom of my eye to give a soft definition.
  2. MAC Eye Shadow 'Kid' a simple shade that may look close to your skin tone but an absolutely necessity for not only providing a great base to your eye make-up but also for a subtle shadowing that looks really natural.  I love this kid  and is part of my daily face regime.
  3. Urban Decay Eye Shadow 'Chopper' hmm sometimes I love this eye shadow and sometimes I hate it.  I think it really depends on the colour of my skin at the time as it is very shimmery and I find when I'm paler it looks a little too much for a day time look.  When I use MAC Kid as a base I find it tones the sparkle down and makes the shade more wearable.
  4. MAC Liquid Liner my only issue with this product is that MAC serves you the tiniest portion that lasts about a month.  Otherwise I love it.  I never feel comfortable recommending a liquid liner because it is so subjective so all I can say is this applicator and product really works for my skill level!  I need to work on my symmetry and make my cat eyes twins and not sisters, from different mothers, but over all I can get the right shapes for the look I want.  This product is thick and the brush is quick stumpy too and I haven't strayed away from it in a year.  It's USP is definitely the longevity, it will last all day and all night, and the next day... but maybe not the next night, staying in perfect place.
  5. YSL Shocking Mascarra I am very promiscuous with my mascara purchases, I go from brand to brand and have never found 'the one' that would take firm position in my make up bag.  Shocking is a great mascara for volume and I would definitely recommend this product; I'm just not a huge lover of the applicator, plus the product dries up quite quickly.
  6. MAC Technakhol Liner I really like this product but always forget to use it.  I kind of use this eyeliner as an all-day eyeshadow, powders just don't last nine-to-five on my face and gels just end up in the creases (which is never a good look).  Application is really easy too, something you can apply in two seconds with out the pressure of evenness and positioning you get with a liquid!
  7. Chanel Perfecto Concealer my hero product that does not leave my side.  I tend to apply the product where it's needed, then work on my brows before coming back and blending the concealer.  By letting it dry slightly makes the consistency thicker for those mornings when it is just too early to get out of bed and the panda eyes from the night before need a little TLC.
  8. MAC Faux Lipstick A new member of the family, Faux is a browny/nude shade which works great for a natural look or when you have heavier eye make up and need something more neutral and wearable on the lips.  I do find that MAC lipsticks cannot with stand the heat as well as other brands such as the likes of Mr. Tom Ford, the soldier of all lipsticks.
  9. MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation This is for thick coverage for a face needing to stay on all day.  I find the colour is great for blending in with your natural skin tone, this one is NC30 - admittedly I am prone to going a bit shiny by mid afternoon so probably best for normal or dry skin.
  10. Clinique Liquid Illuminator This was re-discovered at the bottom of my make up draw last week - I love having a haul through old products and finding new products that have been forgotten about.  This is a liquid bronzer which as you can see is very dark, I probably should have bought the lighter shade so this only works for me when I have a bit of a tan.  Its great for enhancing cheek bones and lasts well in the heat.
That's all folks.  I'm currently sitting in Jamie's Italian restaurant in JBH as I write this post so I think I may do a little foodie review next.  Have a lovely day.