Friday, October 31


This year the family are spending Christmas in Paris which I'm absolutely delighted about as I have never been before.  So in the midst of holiday planning, arranging the theatre shows we want to see, ensuring I've included all hot spots from the Da Vinci Code and Sex In The City, I have also been day dreaming about my ideal Paris wardrobe.  It does appear that my taste exceeds my budget, however lets believe in Law of Attraction and hope I can at least realise a couple of things off of my wish list! Queue mood board:

1. Bracelet: Gold cuff from Nordstorm AED190
2. Shoes: Louboutins around AED5,500 ish
3. Coat: French Connection Coat 299GBP
4. Jumper: Ted Baker Jumper 99GBP
5. Skirt: Reiss $195
6. Bag: Fendi AED8,649
7 & 8. Floral Twin Set: Taluha from AED1,700
9. Shoes: Louboutins around AED4,000 ish