Monday, October 27

This Is How I Rolls

Look at me being little miss fancy pants, firstly meant very literally in these floral cotton trousers from New Look and secondly for posing on this regal green 1975 Rolls Royce.  Unfortunately this classic beaute is just a prop and belongs to a friend but made a great setting for my outfit post today.  Fortunately these pictures were taken outside my house in a very quiet street so I did not look like the tourists you see at the malls having their pictures taken next to the exotic cars that Dubai attracts, otherwise that would have been a bit cringe.

Really feeling these pants from New Look, original purchased as ‘posh joggers’ for when I was spending the day at home and needed to look semi decent incase friends popped round by surprise.  They look equally great with heels and more formal separates and are so comfy to wear.  I’m not a denim lover, I simply find them too hot to wear in the heat so it’s great to actually have some bottoms to wear that are cool, comfy and can be smartened up too.

Top | Koton
Bottoms | New Look
Shoes | Jimmy Choo
Watch | Michael Kors
Ring | Safa Park Market
Bag | Reiss