Monday, November 24


The Formula1 is one of the most exciting events on the Emirates social-calendar, hosted at the extraordinary Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi, we buddied up and hopped on board a friend’s Yacht to watch Lewis win the championship in style. 

Having a Marina pass is definitely the way to do the F1 – you have access to all the Yacht parties with amazing views over the track.  You can also bring along your own food and drink (which makes it very cost effective) so we packed up a few crates of champers, meats for the BBQ and the all important cheese board and hosted our own F1 party with a live band. 

Dressing for the F1 is easy to get right but can easily go so wrong if you have not been before, so I pulled together a wardrobe check list to help guide you on what to pack;
  1. Shoes: wear flats or wedges.  There is a lot of walking to do, around the Marina, through the hotels and up to the track so high-heels are a no no.
  2. Big shades: it’s a hot day and you are outside for the majority of it so sunglasses are a must.
  3. Day time wardrobe: during the day it is quite casual, most of the men are in shorts and polo t-shirts and there are a few women that dress up but most people are on the more casual side.  I would opt for smart/casual, I wore a Reiss Summer Dress with gold flats and accessories, but beautiful maxi’s and a more formal playsuit would be perfect.  It is also super hot so light fabrics are key.
  4. Night time wardrobe: in the evening there are a lot of Yacht parties and concerts going on so you definitely need to pack a cocktail type dress.  The concerts are more casual and on board the yachts you cannot wear shoes, so I would still stick to a pair of sandals.  I wore a long halter maxi and flat shoes.
  5. Hair:  best to get a braided up-do done.  Not only does it keep you looking chic under the baking sun but the sea breeze makes your hair a little 'fly away' too - a big hat is the ultimate problem solver.
  6. Make up: I kept my make up quite light since I was in the sun but went for a bold lip as it’s easy to reapply through out the day and adds that missing glam factor.
  7. Cover up:  November in Dubai is starting to get quite chilly at night especially when you are on the water so I took a cover-up and cardigan which I am so thankful for as come home-time I was freezing.


We found that the best place to watch the race was on the Rolex bridge which joined the Marina to the Viceory Hotel.  You can see from my pictures below that you are looking straight over the track, so unless you have a corporate box and paparazzi lens on your camera, the shots you will get here are superb.


Night time was the best.  The whole places lights up, the atmosphere is amazing, there is live music, BBQs and everyone boat-hops making new friends.  The walk around the Marina is stunning, there are restaurants and bars to go to, but we just enjoyed filling up our glasses and taking a stroll around the grounds admiring the million dollar yachts floating on the waters.