Sunday, November 9

Breakfast Served at La Serre


Firstly, let me set the scene: it's Saturday morning, the girls are out for breakfast, we're catching up and  celebrating a birthday at La Serre in The Vida hotel, Downtown. I love this restaurant and was eager to try their breakfast so became the venue of choice to celebrate Miss Riley's birthday over coffee, cake and carbs.

This dress is from Oasis in IBN Battuta mall which I picked up in their sale last week for AED120.  It's the perfect 'Dubai dress', light, feminine, long and conservative and the perfect mix between dressy and casual (depending how you accessories). I really like the chain halter, a very grecian look and I really like dresses that show off your d├ęcolletage. The skirt has two splits up each side which comes to the knee which makes a pretty train when you walk up or down the stairs (be weary not to trip)! I love the floral print for a fresh summer look even when we're going into winter.


My hair is really simple to do so I'll attempt to talk you through the process but you are probably best watching a You Tube tutorial.
  1. Comb your hair and section it into two - I have a side parting which worked out well because their is more hair on one side which helps make the plait look bigger.
  2. I always do the 'Inside-out' French Braid, as I find them easier.  To make the plait look as though it is laying on your head, you simply take their hair underneath instead of bringing it into the centre on top.
  3. Plait your hair close to the edge of your hair line and don't use lots of hair, keep it quite small.  Don't worry about keeping it tight or neat.
  4. Once you have plaited this section, tie it up with a transparent band at the back.
  5. Then go back to the top of the plait and pull out each section with your fingers so it becomes wider.  This makes the access hair in the pig-tail reduce so you can just tuck it in with a bobby pin.
  6. I added this little pin from Accessorize or you could add some flowers if you want a cute Boho look.


I am quite attached to La Serre after having some wonderful date nights there with friends, therefore I fear this review may be a little bias or empathetic towards them, let’s see.

We arrived at 10:50am and the restaurant was thriving with Dubai’s breakfast-society eager to get their fix of caffeine and eggs; however, they managed to seat the four of us within 7minutes, outside, which was the perfect viewing spot to 'people watch' all morning. It really is unfortunate that you cannot reserve a table in advance, we were lucky to be seated so quickly, but I wouldn’t recommend going if you need to be somewhere else in a hurry.  

I ordered the eggs benedict but traded my veal bacon in for smoked salmon and the rest of my friends had the same (super adventurous). It was as expected, a crispy muffin base, layered with plentiful amounts of fresh smoked salmon, easy poached eggs and thick hollandaise sauce. It was lovely.  But I kind of hoped for an added surprise to take the typical eggs benedict beyond my eggspectation! We were at La Serre after all. I think a pickled accomplishment or some truffle oil would have added that twist that I was hoping for.  Our drinks arrived after our breakfast was served, which is never ideal but at least they were hot and rich –see, here is where I start to be too empathetic.  Since it was a birthday celebration we made this the perfect excuse to indulge in their French pastries.  We ordered the vanilla and custard French slice along with the caramelized apple tart and honestly, we did share these cakes and they weren’t both for me!

To summarise, I think La Serre is best kept as a date-night hot spot for beautiful French food and wine.  Breakfast is probably best left to the Hamptons to master (previous review), but maybe I just need to try a different dish from La Serre's menu?  Look, still being empathetic (tut tut).