Sunday, December 21

Hello Flo

Meet Flo.  She is a beige cross over jumpsuit from Reiss.  I picked this outfit up for a golfing event I had to attend at the weekend (networking not playing) and I wanted a smart outfit I could wear with flats on the green.  Flo was the answer and although this didn't look particularly appetizing on the hanger, and I'm still in two minds whether I like it now, it was great outfit choice for the day mixing sexy and conservative at the same time.  Sexy, you ask? Yes sexy, as when you walk the layers open and the full length of your pins are exposed. I really love the uniqueness of this outfit, the layering of the legs are something quite different and it is has pockets too! Pockets definitely makes it a winner. 

Wednesday, December 10


After taking the bold step from going blonde to brunette (and I was dragged there kicking and screaming) it was time for some new hair. I actually really loved being a brunette, however living in the sun the colour fades so quickly and I found it is as hard to maintain as my roots when I was lighter. What the transition did achieve is that I am now colour-fearless!