Wednesday, December 10


After taking the bold step from going blonde to brunette (and I was dragged there kicking and screaming) it was time for some new hair. I actually really loved being a brunette, however living in the sun the colour fades so quickly and I found it is as hard to maintain as my roots when I was lighter. What the transition did achieve is that I am now colour-fearless! 

I knew I wanted something different and I didn’t really want to go back to blonde but at the same time I needed some fun injected back in my hair so I opted for a natural ombre effect. The middle section of my hair has no added colour – I had a dark brown shade added to my roots (full head) then my hair was sectioned randomly to brush in the blonde, going a little heavy at the front. Each segment was back-combed first so the colours naturally blended into each other to avoid an obvious ombre colour-step.

I get my hair cut at PastelsSalon in the Ritz Carlton along JBR. I always get Anthony to do my hair, he's great and does a lot of bloggers' locks as you can really rely on him to get the colour you want, even when you give him a bad briefing!  He is moving to the Pastels branch at Arabian Ranches in the new year, so bare that in mind if you are looking to book with him.

For a wash + two colours + cut + blow dry came to AED880 and took three and hours to complete.

The Ritz-Carlton JBR Dubai Branch
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04 399 5015

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