Saturday, January 17


The perfume I have been wearing for the last year has been the iconic Chanel No5, the world wide best seller, but I have recently decided it was more of a mature fragrance and wanted a change.  And when I say ‘mature’ I’m not quite sure what age lane I mean; having just turned 30 do I now count as mature? Maybe I am in denial and giving myself another decade to grow up – either way I will be revisiting this fragrance later in life and will probably gift my mum a bottle next Christmas. 

I do adore the scent, it is rich and homely with a slight musky hint – which although I love, I don’t want to smell like that myself as it does have a soapy note.  I decided to try another addition of the Chanel fragrance family and purchased Coco Mademoiselle whilst shopping in Duty Free this Christmas.  This fragrance is simply beautiful, a feminine and pure perfume with a strong essence.  Top notes are described as ‘Sicilian oranges and grapefruit’ but I would describe her as rosey with vanilla under tones.  It is very strong, but not overwhelming and there is something that just seems luxurious about the scent.

But this is by far no new addition (first launched in 2001) and the latest fragrance release from the brand is Coco Noir.  I have bought a couple of bottles of the men’s version of Noir, which is very seductively packaged in a masculine black sheen bottle, but I wasn’t a fan of the ladies version.  It is a move on from Mademoiselle consisting of the same base notes, but it is a lot heavier and generally a more intense fragrance.

My other haul was these fabulous Elie Saab minitures! Now I know miniature fragrances are no new wow product on the beauty market but they are something I never want to buy (as I’d rather spend on a large bottle) but desperately need for all those times you are taking carry-on luggage and need your liquids to be under 100ml.  And when I say ‘all of those flights’ don’t be misconstrued in thinking I’m a big jet setter, I just regularly need to make short trips with work within the Middle East, that’s all.

I went through the miniature options and the Elie Saab range was definitely the best and that’s because all of the fragrances in the set are strong scents. One piece is an eau de toilette, one is an intense fragrance and then you have two perfumes. The range smells like blossom and has a honey signature, which is perfect for day-time wear. 

Lastly, I picked up a new Chanel Coco Rouge lippy - which is great lipstick for the winter because the texture is moisturising and easy to apply (especially if you have chapped lips).  I call this my posh lip balm as it really nourishes my lips with a slightly oily feel whilst giving full coverage.  Mademoiselle 05 is a pink, without being too pink and also has a brown hue to it.  My lips are quite dark but upon application you can see the look is definitely a more natural one. The price points for a Chanel lipstick is fairly reasonable, certainly compared to the likes of Mr. Ford and the Rouge collection in particular tends to last longer because one application leaves a lot of pigment on the lips.

And that was my airport haul, don't you love Duty Free?  What Bblogger replens did you guys do on your travels this Christmas?