Sunday, January 11


Bonjour! comment allez-vous? Je viens de rentrer à la maison à partir d'un merveilleux voyage à Paris et je serais ravi de partager mes photos avec vous… Okay enough with the French (which I googled) - having just returned from a wonderful trip in Paris I wanted to do a blog post and share my photos of the beautiful city.  I'm sure many of you are very familiar with 'Pari' but this was my first visit and I'm eager to return already.

French onion soup was on the menu for me each lunch time – and although I did try to stray away from the traditional dish and try some thing different, the heart warming, sweet onion smell and melted, stringy cheese on bread that was dissolving by the second was an irresistible offering when the weather was bitterly cold outside.

The Louvre has been a place I have wanted to visit for a long time, admittedly the Da Vinci code did fuel my existing interest and the gallery did not fail to deliver.  We spent the entire day in just one wing of Louvre and I believe there is four in total There was so much to take in, the architecture, the sculptures, the buzz of tourists rustling in and out the avenues and the endless exhibition of paintings.  

Snails, garlic, truffle oil.  Exquisite!   I did joke on my Instagram post that I nearly had a Pretty Woman moment with these, flying one across the table.  Fortunately, I was dining with my Daddy so embarrassment was spared and he was happy to have a taste!

After freezing for two hours in the queue to buy tickets to Eiffel Tower, the numb toes, running nose and pink cheeks were well worth the view.  I did meticulously plan my outfits for each day in Paris, ensuring I had a different street style look fit for the Parisians - however after leaving the 20 degree heat of Dubai and landing in minus 6 degree weather in Paris the next day, all fashion went out the window and I was layering anything and everything I had! Next stop, onion soup to warm me up!