Sunday, February 22


Great way to start the week: breakfast at Meydan Beach club along JBR, musing over H&M’s Studio collection. 

Making like a zebra I went for a monochrome ensemble, that happened to all be from New Look. I like the simplicity of black and white, and paintent pants and a floaty top seems to be my winning combo at the moment - it's all I wear. On reflection, I think this outfit would look better with suede, heeled booties but the reality was I had a full-on day ahead of me and needed to be in flat shoes in order to make it through.  I love these loafers, they seem to go with everything and considering they are not leather, are really comfortable.

The H&M Studio collection is best described as nightwear as daywear – which I love when you are talking about lace and silk cameos, but this was more like pin stripped PJs and bathrobes.  I’m not sure if I could carry off this look with out looking as though I had literally just got out of bed and made no effort at all, however I was surprised to find I really liked the robe-styled kimono’s but would perhaps style them a little differently.  A little more gypsy and little less Gatsby.

Although the fabrics were very light, the colours and prints gave them a real luxe look, particularly this flamingo pink kimono that I’m really feeling here.  The oriental print was definitely the most popular one of the day and would look great styled with cut off denim shorts and sandals.  It was a little too big for me but when this reaches store I am definitely going to pick one of these up.

There was also a lot of beautiful knitwear, very soft and cozy fabrics, with high loose roll necks. If it was Autumn/Winter I would of snapped a couple of these up in the beige and pale blue, but being Summer its seems a little out of season to start picking up heavy garments.

I have a make-up haul coming up next, a total MAC-out so stay tuned...