Tuesday, February 24


A very unintentional MAC haul (seriously) occurred on Saturday, I should have known better and just sent the boyfriend in to replen my make up bag with a shopping list, but as predicted I walked away with some new goodies to experiment with. Not that I am too upset.

First up was All That Gitters a dusty gold shade (right), which has a very shimmery yet subtle finish.  It’s makes a great highlighter for under the brow and in the corner of your eye-lid to really light up your eyes. But for me, more is more when it comes to shimmer so I used it with Kid and Sable to create a make-up ombre effect.

The next pick-up was Satin Taupe (left), isn’t she just divine? Even the name of the shade sounds decadent so I was excited to see if it gave a luxe look once applied.  Verdict: The taupe brown is bold enough to sculpt your eye, yet soft enough to avoid looking too over done.  It looks beautiful paired with Goldmine when applied in the arch of your eye to create emphasis and shadow. Pretty.

I then traded in my six used containers to get a free lippy, I picked up Maher, a matte, dark rose shade which leans more towards Coco than Plum. I always go for matte lipsticks, as I like the full coverage and thickness as a pose to a shine/cream lipsticks that disappear by the time I’ve had my morning coffee.  Is that just me? 

I really like the coverage of Maher and found it to be a really great shade and consistency for applying outside your natural lip line. I have a moderately defined philtrum so I like to apply my lipstick over that to make my lips seem a little more bee stung a little less doll like.

I perhaps need to start adding pictures to my blog of what these colours look like on - well and truly noted.  Time to take vanity out of the equation and start taking some more selfies *wink.