Monday, April 27

Perfectly Natural


If you're a reader of the glossy mags, make sure you pick up this weeks copy of Grazia to see my piece on natural looking make-up. See how I played that down just then trying to be all cool about that? When in fact I am double excited to have my blog featured and still have the copy sitting on my desk. Wahoo! Anyway, here's the details on how I try to achieve that 'make-up no make-up' look on the morning boat race.

Sunday, April 26

Oh, Coco

This week I've been making friends with the girl's at The Luxury Closet, an online portal for previously owned haute couture fashion. They invited me into their offices to style some looks for their blog, where I fell in love with this Chanel beauty.

Sunday, April 19

Desert Diva

I love a little bit of H&M and my most recent haul included this polka dot jumpsuit  - now I know jumpsuits are 'out' now (apparently) but I still cannot get enough of these one-piece wonders.

Wednesday, April 8

Lucia Black Reiss Dress

The China Grill brunch was on the agenda today and my Reiss Lucia dress came out to play. Having recently turned thirty, Lucia is now my perfect LBD. The qualities of ‘My Perfect LBD’ have evolved over the last five to ten years. Where figure hugging and sexy (and to be honest, short!) use to be top priority that has now developed into sophisticated and classy, well at least I try, and Lucia delivers just that.

Friday, April 3


A re-purchase of Chanel's Rouge Allure lipstick called for a #MOTD review.

I'm finding it quite distracting writing this post under a very large picture of my face, although I'm not here to talk about that so instead, let me give you the details of my perfect shade of red. I love a red lipstick to add a little glam to a somewhat simple outfit, however finding the perfect shade is very difficult.  Pillar box red is a gorgeous colour but you have to have the right skin tone, and lets be honest, very white teeth to carry it off. And sometimes red-glosses can look cheap if you are not in the right setting or light.  

Thursday, April 2


A lovely little salad jar to keep you on the go!