Sunday, April 19

Desert Diva

I love a little bit of H&M and my most recent haul included this polka dot jumpsuit  - now I know jumpsuits are 'out' now (apparently) but I still cannot get enough of these one-piece wonders.

I am going to make a bold statement here - but this probably the best summer piece I have bought this year.  And this is for three reasons, let me tell you why...

  •  Reason number one - it has the most gorgeous back.  The straps are thin spaghetti ones which you tie up, leaving you fully exposed. No margin for strap lines here.  I love a little back-exposure, it's not very ofter I get to showcase my tattoo plus I think it adds a little bit of provocativeness to an otherwise unshapely outfit.
  • Reason number two - it is sooooo cool! And I'm talking temperature wise here.  We've got to that time of year when we all want to hang-out outside as much as possible, clinging on to the last few weeks of bearable temperatures before the summer heat kicks in.  Since this piece is really baggy and has the open back feature - I find it very 'ventilating' and great to wear when you are going to be socialising in the sun.  
  • And lastly, reason number three - it makes me feel 'put together' and no bad body day is going to get in the way of that. It has a a pretty v-shape neckline,  which isn't too low, it's tailored in at the waist, without being clinging and it skims over your tummy and butt without making you look shapeless. That makes it a winner for me.
I paired it with this big floppy hat, which I got from Reiss, perfect for protecting your hair and face from the beating rays as well as adding a touch of glamor.

I spent the weekend at Al Hamra Beach Resort in Ras Al Kaimah, a desert dwelling which is a haven for relaxation and an immediate switch into slow-motion mode.  The property is really picturesque, nothing extravagant, but tranquil none the less. While the boys headed off on a golf day, I headed to the pool for a me-day, involving tanning, chips and walks down the beach.  The perfect daycation to escape the fast pace lives we live in Dubs.