Monday, April 27

Perfectly Natural


If you're a reader of the glossy mags, make sure you pick up this weeks copy of Grazia to see my piece on natural looking make-up. See how I played that down just then trying to be all cool about that? When in fact I am double excited to have my blog featured and still have the copy sitting on my desk. Wahoo! Anyway, here's the details on how I try to achieve that 'make-up no make-up' look on the morning boat race.

Lips: I usually over-line my top lip with a matte, flat-tone lip liner and lipstick to enhance my natural shape. I prefer the more natural look (which of course is completely unnatural) so I go for nude, matte colours because they are great at perfecting your pout whilst maintaining a more natural look. I fill in my cupids bow too because I prefer a fuller shape but you have to go with what suits your own features. I use an array of MAC liners and lippies, Mahr and Faux being my favourites.

Concealer: Less is definitely more when it comes to under eye concealer, layering on copious amounts of product just enhances fine lines. Whilst it’s important to reflect light, if you use a too pale shade it can make you look shiny through the lens so instead, I dab a layer of a red matte lipstick (I use a Chanel one but it can be any) around the area to cancel out the pigment difference and then apply a light layer of Chanel Perfecto concealer (n#20) on top with a sponge.

Foundation: Bobbi Brown do a really great foundation stick, which I use for a quick contouring effect, which takes seconds. Applied between my brows, straight down my nose, a dab on the philtrum dip and along the jaw line allows you to enhance and hide your features effectively.

Brows: Having strongly defined brows is definitely up there when it comes to framing your face.  My hero products are MAC Charcoal brown eye shadow and their slanted application brush – I heavily define the lower brow so I have a crispy line along the bottom and use Benefits Boiing concealer (n#02) to emphasise the contrast. The excess product left on the brush I use to fill in the rest of the brow, gently blending and exaggerate where my brows start to ensure they are in line with my nose.