Friday, April 3


A re-purchase of Chanel's Rouge Allure lipstick called for a #MOTD review.

I'm finding it quite distracting writing this post under a very large picture of my face, although I'm not here to talk about that so instead, let me give you the details of my perfect shade of red. I love a red lipstick to add a little glam to a somewhat simple outfit, however finding the perfect shade is very difficult.  Pillar box red is a gorgeous colour but you have to have the right skin tone, and lets be honest, very white teeth to carry it off. And sometimes red-glosses can look cheap if you are not in the right setting or light.  


My perfect red is Rouge Allure, by Chanel.  I like her because you can see from the application that it has a pinkish hue which softens the tone and stops it from being so bold.  The warmness of the shade makes it more versatile to wear for different skin tones and I love the matte finish. Cream or gloss finishes are a no no for me - it really annoys me how my hair sticks to them or how half the product comes off on your first mouthful of coffee. Keep calm and wear matte if you ask me. This is a velvet finish and feels like it has a hint of Vaseline blended in, and for someone like me who always has dry lips works great.

P.S I over-lined my top lip, can you tell?