Tuesday, May 26

Shakshuka in the Mornings


One of my favourite breakfasts, poached eggs in a rich tomato spicy medley, with goats cheese crumbled on top.  So, I was absolutely delighted when I was invited to a bloggers brunch at the Pantry, when a dish of Shakshuka arrived at my table.

We was spoiled with course after course of international cuisine. We were even served pizza in-between courses to keep our taste buds alert, but gosh we did indulge! Here is the sample menu we tucked into along with score out of five, which is completely based on tastes as the presentation for everything was superb.

Savory Mushroom Waffles  - 5/5
Open Eggplant Sandwich - 2/5
Smokey Tomato Scamble - 4/5
Shakshuka - 5/5
Baked Brie - 5/5
Green Tea Noodles with Smoked Salmon - 5/5
Kataifi Prawns - 3/5
Mexican Chicken - 0/5
Wagyu slider - 2/5
Quinoa Slider - 2/5
Chocolate Cake - 2/5
Churros - 5/5
Pecan Tart - 3/5
Lemon Curd Short breads - 3/5
Cheese Cake - 3/5