Sunday, June 21

Spicy Prawn Masal Salad


So easy, so delicious, ready to serve in 15mins. But! You do not a secret culinary weapon...

Ingredients: Carrots / Cucumber / Mango / Spring Onion / Jump prawns / Masala powder / Onion / Splash of pineapple juice.

Before you go shopping to get the handful of ingredients required, you first need to invest in a secret weapon AKA the Spiralizer!As you can see the spiralizer is like a pencil sharpener for vegetables - they're great for salads and turning vegetables into low card spaghetti. I picked mine up in the Travola kitchen store (I think that's the name) in The Springs shopping centre and cost 99dhs. Otherwise they're easy enough to buy online.

This is so simple, I can probably get this recipe posted in three bullet points, lets see:
  • Spiralize the carrot, cucumber and mango and mix together in serving bowl and add a dash of pineapple juice
  • Fry the prawns in the masala powder with some onions until pink
  • Serve the prawns on top of the salad and sprinkle over the spring onion
It's such a health dish which is also really filing - also goes down very well at BBQs!