Sunday, June 7

Taking Residence at La Residence


A delectable French Brasseries called La Residence, has recently opened at one of Dubai's oldest, but no less prestigious hotels, Raffles - I went along to try the new venue out and reminisce about going back to Paris. Ooh la la!

Living the Marina side of Dubai, it definitely seems like a venture when you decide to go creek side and battle the charming drivers in the traffic en route home, north bound. In spite of this, I love the escapism it offers and I get excited to discover new restaurants, tucked out of the way of the hustle and bustle.

And La Residence offered just that, with a menu which is all romantic, alluring, extravagant, not forgetting to mention super indulgent. You can watch the video review of my dining experience here, filmed by the lovely team at  +Travall World 

For starters I decided to indulge in my love for snails and was presented with a neatly packed filo pastry parcel, tucked with the tender roasted delicacy, seasoned with garlic and parsley.  It was delicious, but a lot to eat and I felt ashamed that I could only entertain half of the portion.

For my main, I regrettably had the salmon with asparagus and hollandaise sauce, which was delicious, but regrettable as I would have preferred to have gone for the T Bone Steak (I was being calorie conscious). The asparagus was lightly salted and very tasty for a supporting veg. My partner did go for the T Bone with red wine sauce (very jealous), which was very tender with the marble like fat running through slices, adding to the juicy flavour.

The dessert was heroic, a horrendously calorific plate of heaven (I would have been better off ordering the Steak). More commonly refereed to on the menu as French Toast. My spoon sliced through the cake-bread like butter and an ooze of custard dough swam out, mingling with my slowly melting salted caramel ice cream.  It was everything you would want to satisfy a sweet craving.

We had a fabulous, decadent meal at La Residence although that does come at a price, expect to pay in the region of 600dhs per head (excluding drinks) for a three course meal, with that been said - that does include a pianist, chilled ambiance, romantic vibe and very accommodating staff.

Bon appetite!

Next up, an outfit of the day post, see you tomorrow.