Sunday, August 16

Today's Kitchen, Thai Soup


It's lunch time and I fancied a spicy, warming and healthy soup. So without a recipe, ingredients list or brain but bundles of imagination I rustled up a plate of warming Thai-something soup...

Ingredients: King prawns | Mussels | Ginger | Coriander | Spring onion | Soya Sauce | Tinned tomatoes | Sweetcorn | Angel hair noodles | Fish sauce | Chicken stock cube | Oyster Mushrooms

This was such a simple dish to make, it was literally the case of simmering all the ingredients together for about 25minutes. I bought the muscles pre cooked as I didn't want to take any risks, tand added both the mussels and prawns into the pot last so they were not over cooked.  I sprinkled over the coriandar leaves after dishing up the portions to keep that fresh smell and punchy taste.