Wednesday, September 16

Autum Winter 5ifteen Fash Launch


You may recognize this Reiss jumpsuit (she's called Flo) as I bought the first edition of the style in AW14 see post here. This version is a move on from the first design, with the fabric in the legs slightly cropped and the sleeves taken shorter. The deep plum isn't a colour I'd usually feel, but it turns out to be more versatile than I thought. As mentioned previously in my first blog post, this design is only available in Dubai (you cannot even buy it online!) so as soon as it lands instore its sells out quickly.

This event was the AW15 Fash Launch in Dubai, debuting the new season collection for the brands New Look, Reiss, Lipsy, Koton and Yours.  Read on to see the pics of the pieces I loved and a mini preview of what's in store for Fall…

Wednesday, September 9

Cha Cha Chai


In a conscious effort to try and stay as healthy as possible, I wanted to experiment with this Chia Seed I've been hearing so much about. Another super food that has been added to the list, which is a great source of fibre and packed with antioxidant (aka natures botox because it is anti aging). Despite their tiny size, they are one of the most nutritious foods on the planet.

Thursday, September 3

Grecian Sands


A well deserved break took me to Cyprus to spend a week with the family, indulging in lots of fresh salads, with beefy tomatoes, salty fried halloumi, olives the size of plumbs and needless to say cravats full of the regions organic wine.