Wednesday, October 14

Lush Living


After attending a lushous event a few weeks ago, excuse the pun, I decided it was high time for a relaxing evening at home, where I pampered myself with all my products gifted from Lush.

I managed to lather myself in four of the products, the Yuzu shower gel, Christingle shower lotion and Dream Cream body conditioning. Oh and a bath bomb! Aside from filling my bathroom with rainbow colours and the combining smell of starbursts, they left my skin feeling soft and silky. And here are my hero products:

Yuzu & Cocoa
This is definitely up there in my top ten edible (wana eat / can't eat) cosmetics. Despite the mustard colour, this shower gel has a rich smell of chocolate and the aromas are so strong you lather yourself up in a coco bubble. Unfortunately, this may come with an instant craving for sugar (it did for me!).

This one is the picture of the turquoise cream in my photo above - when you open the pot you are hit with the refreshing smell of mint, which I love, anything tea tree or menthol just makes you feel fresh. The cream is a body conditioner, which you use in the shower or bath and as soon as you rinse your skin you can feel the difference immediately.  Even in the water I could tell that my skin was a lot smoother and this is definitely one product that I would go back and buy.

Dream Cream 
I've heard a lot about this Dream Cream, as all Lush products are, it's completely made from natural ingredients. The consistency is thick and you can even see the tiny oats in the ointment (a bit like a smoothie), which makes the Dream Cream a very gentle exfoliant. It's the perfect match for sensitive skin and I would definitely recommend this if you are looking for a natural remedy to combat dry skin.