Sunday, November 8

The James Bond Premier of Spectre


This weekend I scored mega good-girlfriend points as I took the Mr. along to attend the Premier Night of the James Bond film, Spectre, where Aston Martin showcased their featured cars and entertained us for a night at the movies.

We arrived at the Aston Martin showroom where the red carpet had been rolled out and was greeted with a whole host of delicious canapes and cocktails, then treated to private presentation of the DB10.  The spectre-acular model (see what I did there) was a beautifully crafted piece of machinery. And whilst I daren't begin to critic the DB10 as my knowledge about cars stops just there, what I can tell you is: only ten models have been produced globally, six of which were written off in the process of making the movie and only one will be going up for auction. The funds of which will all be donated to charity.

We were then shuttled to the movies in style for the exclusive screening of Spectre. I'll try not to add any spoilers as I'm sure not everyone has seen it yet, but overall I loved the film. Sure there were a few as if moments, but that's what makes it a bond film.  The opening scene is spectacularly theatrical and exciting, making you want to book a trip to Mexico as soon as you come out of the theatre. The plot had been brought into modern day reality and I felt that it could have been a little more interesting, or at least offered a less predictable twist. But what does stay consistent is the great cinematography, which captures the life of the cities it's set in and takes you on every car chase, collide, boat race and inevitable bash up, that bond creates. 

Taking it back to the fahsion for just a moment, the tailoring in this movie is just impeccable, and I think we all need to take a moment to appreciate the classic white dinner jacket (and the model) debuted by Mr. Craig.