Thursday, December 17

Carry On Camping!


There is nothing I love more than spending a small fortune to live like I'm homeless for the weekend. Back to basics, at one with nature, de-stress and get active. Let's go camping!

Sunday, December 13

Back to Rak, A Weekend Escape


One week today before I travel home to the UK for Christmas (yay!) and before we hit the crazyness of the holiday season, we decided to escape to one of my favourite Emirates, Ras Al Khaimah for a weekend of relaxation at The Hilton Hotel.

Tuesday, December 1

It's the Abu Dhabi Grand Prox 2015


A weekend of live music, yachting, amazing friends, too much cheese and way too much champers, not forgetting the racing, of course it's the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. I was lucky enough to be invited on board our beautiful friends boat, to enjoy the Formula 1 weekend and here are my pictures from the Marina.