Sunday, December 13

Back to Rak, A Weekend Escape


One week today before I travel home to the UK for Christmas (yay!) and before we hit the crazyness of the holiday season, we decided to escape to one of my favourite Emirates, Ras Al Khaimah for a weekend of relaxation at The Hilton Hotel.

Ras Al Khaimah is admittedly not the most picturesque destinations, but the hotel resorts are great if you are looking for an affordable weekend away and a break from Dubai.  We booked in to The Hilton hotel and My favourite aspect of this resort is their salt water swimming pool - this time of year the temperature is beautiful, the water is warm and the humidity has completely disappeared so you can just float in the water for hours (we literally did.)

You have a few options for F&B but our favourite thing to do is pack a pick-nick hamper of brie and pate and enjoy a few glasses on the balcony before heading out for cocktails later. The bars on offer are exactly what you would expect, cabaret performances, mahogany furniture and plenty of Jim Beam and lots of laughs.