Monday, March 28

Mint and Rosemary Slow Roasted Lamb


Happy Easter everyone. I absolutely love this holiday, it's like Christmas but with warmer weather and there is nothing I love more than tempting friends over with the offering of a lamb roast.

Sunday, March 27

Festival Feeling for #TheFoodTruckJam


A very brief outfit post (just pictures really) of what I wore this weekend. We went to The Food Truck Jam at the Emirates Golf Club, which is a very chilled foodie festival with some craft stalls and a live band.  It's a great way to spend the afternoon, outside, when the weather is this beautiful.

Sunday, March 20

That Aztec Clutch from New Look


We had friends over from the UK this weekend so we decided to treat ourselves to breakfast at The Atlantis, The Palm. In an attempt to save some money, I'm trying to revamp my current wardrobe by only buying new accessories to change the look.

Thursday, March 17

Sand & Sunshine at Shimmers


If you're looking for a relaxing afternoon to waste away hours talking to your family, drinking crisp, cold Sauvignon, eating light Mediterranean food with incomparable views, head down to Shimmers at the Mina A'salam

Wednesday, March 16

Cheeks, Lashes and Brow Wows


We've all been there.  You run out of your ABH Brow Wizz (that your whole face/life depends on) and you nip into Sephora with the intention of only replacing this item.  Two hours later, with an additional visit to Bobbi Brown and your purse is all of a sudden 900 Dhs lighter. Gosh, I really hope today isn't the day that the Mr. decides to start reading my 'blog thing' and discover how much I spend on make-up. I say work hard, look pretty doing it.


Sunday, March 6

Reiss Taylor Trousers


For those of you who don't know, one of the brands I work for is Reiss (hence, I am always wearing the product) and I do genuinely love the brand. We had our season launch event this week, where I sported our new Taylor pants in white.