Wednesday, March 16

Cheeks, Lashes and Brow Wows


We've all been there.  You run out of your ABH Brow Wizz (that your whole face/life depends on) and you nip into Sephora with the intention of only replacing this item.  Two hours later, with an additional visit to Bobbi Brown and your purse is all of a sudden 900 Dhs lighter. Gosh, I really hope today isn't the day that the Mr. decides to start reading my 'blog thing' and discover how much I spend on make-up. I say work hard, look pretty doing it.


Top Highlights:
  • Looked amazing when I applied it instore with the glamorous brightly lit mirrors- in real life, I need to put three layers on before I can notice a pigment change in my cheeks
  • looks great when using a flash, hardly noticeable in real life
  • Recommendation: try Pink Quartz it has a lot more shimmer and punctuates your cheek bones nicely.
  • Positive notes: it does achieve that extremely natural look
Reading this back, I've realized I have been quite negative here... I should also say that I have used it every day since I have purchased it, usually on top of my blusher, to make it more pigmented. Also becuase it's so pretty and shimmery.

Bobbi Brown BB Cream

Now this BB cream, I'm B-B-Bonkers over. Admittedly I regret buying a shade darker thinking 'I will get a tan soon, sure I'll have the time and the patience to sunbath this weekend' The reality: I did not. And now I am blending in a severe tide line everyday. Still, aside from buying the wrong colour for my skin right now, the tones of the cream is more yellow than rose which works with my skin nicely. I never use to be a fan of BB creams, after spending my whole life trying to get rid of my 'natural glow' I'm now trying to create it. I really like Bobbi's version of a BB, as it really does create a glow and not a shine.  Now I don't really know how to distinguish the difference between a 'glow' and a 'shine' but I basically mean I dont't feel like it makes me my skin look greasy.

Make Up For Ever Lashes

I'm a little scared to admit this, but I usually buy my eye lashes from Daiso. For those of you who are not from ME/Asia, Daiso is basically a pound shop. Now before you fire me down with your Touche Eclat glow stick, hear me out. I am a complete amateur when it comes to sticking things to my face, it doesn't matter what eye lashes I buy, the density, the tools I use, or the glue, I find it really difficult to stick them on symmetrically without putting black glue all over my lid and ruining the eye shadow I have spent the last 30mins applying.

The Make Up For Ever lashes gave a really natural look, so natural that I would only wear them during the day and not in the evening. I found them really difficult to apply as the base line was so fine and dainty, it was difficult for me to arch them over my eye so I had to trim them down a little bit.  Then made them too small and basically had a mare.

So, I started buying lashes from Daiso a few years back, when I need to do a bulk buy for  models we appearing in one of our shows.  I tried the lashes out myself and loved them because they were so easy to apply, and here is why:

  1. When you peel them off of the packaging they keep there 'arch' shape, making it easier to position on your eye lid
  2. The 'arch' shape is more severe than a normal lash, which gives that great 60s lift to your make up
  3. I'm not quite sure what they are made of, plastic or silicone I imagine, but they are so durable! My tactic is to cut the lash in half and to stick them towards my outer eye lid to enhance my mascara and widen my eye
  4. The base of the lash is very thick, so I tend not to wear a liquid liner when I wear them.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wizz

Bobbi Brown BB Cream and Shimmer Brick + ABH Brows

For sometime I have been battling with the balance between and the Geordie and the McDonalds arched brow, trying to 'decline' my curve and thicken the shape without the pencil being too obvious.  Failing miserably, I decided to step away from penciling my brows, as whilst I love the shape we can create with make-up, I'm really trying to target the minimal make-up appearance and I just couldn't achieve it.  Life goals.

Then my best friend Louise Martins (here is your credit) discovered the ABH Brow Wizz in Vegas and introduced me to this wow-line brow sensation.  The fine charcoal pencil is great for drawing in fine hair lines, without it looking like you have drawn them in. Fortunately they realeased ABH line in Sephora Dubai a couple of weeks later and it's selling like hot cakes. I don't use ABH on it's own though, oh no.  The base of my brow is 'Sable' MAC shade and then I use the Brow Wizz to draw in the hair lines.  I think the soft colours also make the brow look a little more natural too.