Monday, March 28

Mint and Rosemary Slow Roasted Lamb


Happy Easter everyone. I absolutely love this holiday, it's like Christmas but with warmer weather and there is nothing I love more than tempting friends over with the offering of a lamb roast.

 Cooking The Lamb

Roasting lamb can be quite tricky, as whilst you want it to super tender, cutting like butter, I also like mine a little bit pink and juicy. I used the slower cooker to cook this joint and I've noted down the instructions I follow below.

  1. Turn on the slower cooker to high to get it started and add a table spoon of olive oil to the bottom
  2. Stab the joint all over with a folk and rub in your chosen marinade. Mine was a mixture of an onion, 4x garlic, rosemary, mint and olive oil, blended together and spread ontop
  3. Dice potatoe and root veg and lay it at the bottom of the slow cooker 
  4. Dissolve a stock cube in boiling water and cover the veg, approx half an inch deep
  5. Sear the joint in the over, with the grill on too, for 10mins (max) to make your crust crispy
  6. Place in the slow cooker and cook on high for 2hours and then switch it to low for 2hours
  7. Once cooked, take the joint out and place it on a chopping board, cover in tin foil and let it rest for at least 30mins before serving.


As much as I love roast potatoes, I wanted to try something new with my tatties this time.  I sliced the potatoes across, ensuring not to cut all the way through then covered them in Lurpak and garlic, sprinkled with flower and thyme and baked in the oven for 45minutes. Once ready to serve I sprinkled added a little bit of parsley and a pinch of salt.


Top Tip: instead of throwing away the left over herbs (or leaving them in the fridge until they need to be thrown) I fill an ice cube tray up with the left over leaves.  I then either fill the tray with olive oil if I want to use them again for cooking in the future, or this time, I filled it with cold water to make an amazing flavoured ice cube for my G&T!