Tuesday, May 3

Desert Walks, Banyan Tree Al Wadi


Desert walks at the beautiful Banyan Tree calls for an outfit update I think. So I'm sure it is no surprise that I'm wearing Reiss from head to toe.

Maybe not the most practical thing to wear for a desert hike - but it kept me cool whilst looking stylish and that's completely practical for me. The play suit comes in red and black and is the perfect little summer ensemble. To point out the obvious: saddle bag is from Louis Vuitton. And it's also my Best Buy this summer. I use her every weekend as she holds so much and smartens up your look.

I wanted to follow up on my previous post on the Banyan Tree as a few more things to share with you. I think I left you at the point when I was chilling pool side, and after spending a day relaxing in, it was time to maximise our stay, burn off the champagne and Camembert and get active. There are a wide range of activities you can participate in and we booked onto the desert walk and an archery lesson. I think my inner hunger games warrior was coming out.

The desert walk was beautiful and interesting. You're guided across the dunes of the desert exploring animal trails and droppings, learning more about the natural wildlife of the UAE. You have to be an early riser to join in as the trail commences at 8am, even this early in the morning, it's very hot so ensure you bring sun block.

The archery was amazing! I honestly didn't think I was going to have the strength to power the arrow on to the target, but I did. A lot more tiring than I expected but I would definitely recommend booking in for a session and having a little competition over a round of cocktails.