Thursday, August 11

Road Trip To Rak


Ras Al Khaimah road trip was on the cards, armed with my new sale dress from Zara, we headed to the Al Hamra resort for brunch at Mai Thai.

A Zara sale is usually something to be avoided. Rails and rails of fragmented lines, a changing room queue longer than Sheikh Zayed Road and a dog eat dog fight to get the last size in anything from last season. But I have found my Zara haven at Sahara mall. Not only is half the store on mark down, but if you manage to go during the day it is an absolute bliss to shop in - no customers, no queues. Just you and the product. I picked this dress up for 89Dhs and I really love the sleeves. It fits in nice with the cold shoulder trend and is nice and cool to wear in the sweltering oven we're living in.


Time to brunch. Starting with a peach mai thai cocktail, while perusing the menu of the six course meal we were about to indulge in.  The atmosphere is chilled and fun, the food even better. And what I like most is that the dishes are all brought to your table, so you can graze slowly over the course of the afternoon.

From sushi, to chicken terriaki, from calamari to chicken chow mein, I couldn't tell you what cuisine Mai Thai represents, I would guess Hawaii meets Asian? Either way, I love the light courses (and the regularity of them) and most of the dishes are protein based too.

The main course was absolutely incredible. I've added a snippet of the menu above, but the black pepper beef was incredible. It melted in your mouth like butter and the pepper seasoning added just the right amount of heat.

We drove up to RAK for the day because we were running some errands, but if you do plan to go to Mai Thai, I would definitely recommend staying at the hotel too. They have great summer rates and it makes more sense to have a tipple with your meal too! The live band comes on later on, and like true trader vics style, everyone is up dancing and the atmosphere is great.

Map to Trader Vics, Mai Thai