My video-blog series is all very self indulgent and is simply about me, in Dubai, sharing with you my shopping hauls, outfits of the day, event hopping,  business trips - with a little bit of lifestyle thrown in. Subscribe to me on YouTube here!

VLOG N#6 Istanbul with Taim AlFalasi

If you haven't heard of Taim AlFalasi, stop reading this post and jump over to her YT channel and check out her Vlogs. Taim is the first and biggest Emirati Vlogger and her success online has lead her to score her very own show on MBC! Woo go Taim. I had the pleasure to travel to Istanbul with her and her mama on a project for Koton, so here is my bts vlog on what we got up to.

VLOG N#5 Food and Friends

This weeks Vlog is predominantly about socialising.  No fashion or make-up hauls I'm afraid but I do take the Vlog into work for a couple of days where you'll get to see some behind the scene footage of our Kardashian Kollection photo-shoot!  You will also get to meet a lot of my friends too! We start the week with a big roast dinner and I end the week on a dinner date with one of my besties.  Hope you enjoy.

VLOG N#4 Working 9-5

The beginning of my working week starts quite normally, Mall visits and nice lunches.  Mid-week I am sent to Saudi Arabia for three days so I took the vlog along with me and made a video diary of my time there.  See my abaya fashion and Saudi street style.  You'll also get to meet my colleague Hannah, a Welsh girl and great travel companion.

VLOG N#3 My Week

This week one of my friends sadly broke up with her boyfriend, so the girls came round to cook dinner and moan about men (you know).  I popped by Dubai Marina Mall for a mini shopping spree at New Look so you can see what was inside my shopping bag (thumbnail below).  Carrie and I had a girls night out on the town and my week ended chilling on the beach.

VLOG N#2 Friday Brunch


This is an outfit-of-the-day video blog, I was off to brunch at Grand Grill for a friends birthday and you can see here what I wore and where I got the pieces from.